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In our homes, doTERRA essential oils give us a safe and natural alternatives to chemical or pharmaceutical products. Our team has been using essential oils for years. We choose doTERRA for many reasons; the quality of the oils is superior and the integrity of the company is sound. doTERRA ethically and sustainably sources the plant material for their precious oils. We feel honored to be working with a company who shares our deepest values. 


You have three options. Join as a Wholesale Member and simply enjoy your doTERRA oils at a lower cost. 


You may consider building a business with doTERRA by becoming a Wellness Advocate. Our team has finally taken the plunge to build our wellness and healing business. We are so thankful to be growing a national team of dedicated essential oil mentors. 

You also have the option to purchase the oils at Retail price directly from our team.  


Below are more detailed instructions, if you desire. Or you can click below to view an online class. 

Ready to begin your oil journey?

Step by Step Guidance

1. Choose a mentor below and click their "Join With Me" button. 

2. Chose Wholesale Member or Wellness Advocate; whichever you desire. Choose your home country and language. 


3. Fill out your details including name, address, billing address, shipping address and remaining contact info. Be sure you see your mentor's name and picture in the Sponsor box.

During this step you will select a personal password so you can login to your newly opened account and nourish yourself with essential oils whenever you want.

4. Select your introductory kit.


If you'd like the membership and a few oils, select your $35 Membership Fee. Then add the products you want.  The Membership Fee includes a beautiful product guide and everything you need to get starting using your oils. 

5. Review order, chose shipping speed and Process your payment. 

6.  Now you have the immediate option to set up your monthly order. If you find yourself lusting after more and more oils, you should think about starting a monthly order. There are major benefits to starting one, including free products! And hey, if it's not for you right now, no worries! You can always come back to this step later. 

And now, congratulations are in order! You’ve opened your account and will begin to benefit from a holistic lifestyle with essential oils.


Mentors: women who are here to support. 

At Daily Essential Co, our mentors have extensive experience using doTerra essential oils in their every day routines. Pair up with someone who resonates with you! 

Beth Peddle
Bailey Cookson
Stacy Stout  
Samantha Charney

Interested in joining our team or want more personalized information? 



Interested in joining our team or want more personalized information? 

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